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N. B. Anan'eva, I. V. Doronin,
L. F. Mazanaeva 

VII Congress of the Herpetological Society named after A. M. Nikolsky under RAS


S.N Bunyatova,S.K.Dzhafarova 

Study of the distribution and number of the genus Darevskia Arribas lizards, 1997 (Reptilia, Sauria, Lacertidae) in Azerbaijan 


D. A. Gordeev, N. B. Anan'eva 

To the problem of strategy protective behavior of some agamid lizards genus Paralaudakia Baig, Wagner, Ananjeva and Böhme, 2012 


T. N. Duysebaeva, I. V. Doronin,
D. V. Malakhov, O. V. Kukushkin,
A. G. Bakiev 

GIS analysis of the distribution and habitation conditions of Emys orbicularis оrbicularis (Testudines, Emydidae): methodical aspects 


R. I. Zamaletdinov, N. G. Nazarov,
A. O. Svinin, G. P. Drobot,
E. Yu. Sal'nikova 

Biochemical peculiarities of the peripheral blood of the Pelophylax lessonae pond frog (Camerano, 1882) of the Kazan city populations 


A. A. Kidov 

Spring aspect of the herpetofauna in the Iranian Talysh 


A. A. Klenina, A. G. Bakiev,
A. V. Pavlov 

To the morphology of grinner serpents of the Middle Volga region. Message 1. Sex determination of young specialists 


G. A. Lada, E. A. Ravkovskaya,

Green toad supply, Bufotes viridis (Laurenti, 1768), in the Tambov region 


S. N. Litvinchuk, D. V. Skorinov,
R. A. Pasynkova,A. A. Kidov,
K. A. Matushkina,L. Ya. Borkin,
Yu. M. Rozanov 

Polyploid speciation in asian green toads of the genus Bufotes (Bufonidae) 


S. M. Lyapkov 

Age composition and growth characteristics of Rana temporaria from populations with extremally short activity season 


L. F. Mazanaeva, A. A. Kidov,
E. A. Nemyko, E. A. Shimanskaya 

The program on reittroduction of triton Karelin, Triturus karelinii (Strauch, 1870) in the South of Daghestan 


E. A. Nemyko, A. A. Kidov,
Ya. A. Vyatkin 

Growth, development and survivability of the Caucasian triton Larvae, Lissotriton lantzi with different plant density in the zookultur 


I. L. Okshteyn, A. A. Korneeva,
A. V. Mendelevich,L. N. Vasil'eva,
A. V. Sadovskaya, P. A. Galkina 

Growth rate of Phrynocephalus guttatus guttatus in the Astrakhan region 


A. V. Pavlov 

Key points of reptiles hematology: peculiarities of estimation of the leukocytic blood 


G. O. Cherepanov 

Constructive features of the tortoise shell: ecology, morphogenesis, evolution 


V. A. Cherlin 

Thermobiological mechanism of spatially temporal division of activity of medium, Eremias intermedia, and lineature, E. lineolata, labels (Reptilia, Lacertidae) in Kyzylkum 


N. A. Chetanov, N. A. Litvinov 

The relationship of microclimatic factors and their effect on vipers body temperature of the Volga-Kama region 


L. A. Epova, V. N. Kuranova 

Some aspects of demographic structure of the common toad populations, Bufo bufo (Anura, Amphibia), of the Kuznetsk Alatau mountains (Russia) in an altitude gradient 



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